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Kám ū chhù-bī chò [[Wikipedia:Hêng-chèng jîn-oân|hêng-chèng jîn-oân]]? Bo̍k-chêng ū 3 ê lâng. [[User:A-giâu|A-giâu]] 03:57, 18 4g 2005 (UTC)
:To-siā lín m̄-kam khì-hiâm, nā-sī ē-sái chiâⁿ-chò hêng-chèng jîn-oân, goá tek-khak chin hoaⁿ-hí.--[[User:Chùn-hiàn|Chùn-hiàn]] 19:52, 18 4g 2005 (UTC)
== [[:zh-min-nan:Template:Khu-pia̍t-ia̍h]] and [[:Image:Disambig.png]] ==
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| [[Image:Disambig.png|left|40px|]]
Halló A-giâu! It is one of my first visites here. I would like to let you know that most of the disambiguation templates listed at [[:de:Bild Diskussion:Logo Begriffsklärung.png#Vorlagen - Templates]] are using [[:Image:Disambig.png]]. The image should give an indication about the nature of the page and avoid linking between "''normal''" articles and disambiguation pages. I would be very happy if [[:zh-min-nan:]] would use one of the images listed in that page.<br />See [[commons:User:Gangleri#My contributions]] about a "''collection''" of '''other''' templates used in various Wikipedias. Please link appropriate pages not listed there (if they exist at [[:zh-min-nan:]] etc.) to [[:en:Wikipedia:Village pump]], [[:en:Wikipedia:Embassy]], [[:en:Wikipedia:List of articles all languages should have]]. Best regards [[User:Gangleri|Gangleri]] 00:59, 22 4g 2005 (UTC)