"Mozambique" pán-pún chi-kan bô-kāng--ê tē-hng

{{Infobox country
|coordinates = {{Coord|25|57|S|32|35|E|type:city}}
|leader_name2 =
|leader_name3 = [[Carlos Agostinho do Rosário]]<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.voaportugues.com/content/mocambique-tem-novo-governo/2602666.html|title=Moçambique tem novo governo|work=VOA|date=
17 January 2015 }}</ref>
|name = Mozambique Kiōng-hô-kok
|native_name = {{lang|pt|República de Moçambique}}
|image_flag = Flag of Mozambique.svg
|image_coat = Emblem of Mozambique.svg
|common_name = Mozambique
|symbol_type = kok-hui
|national_motto =
|national_anthem = {{native name|pt|[[Pátria Amada]]|nolink=yes}}<br/>{{small|''Beloved Homeland''}}<br/><center>[[File:National Anthem of Mozambique by US Navy Band.ogg]]</center>
|image_map = Location Mozambique AU Africa.svg
|map_caption = {{map caption |countryprefix= |location_color=dark blue |region=Africa |region_color=dark grey |subregion=the [[African Union]] |subregion_color=light blue}}
|capital = [[Maputo]]
|largest_city = capital
|official_languages = [[Portuguese language|Portuguese]]
|ethnic_groups_year =
|demonym = Mozambican
|government_type = [[Unitary state|Unitary]] [[Semi-presidential system|semi-presidential]] [[republic]]<ref name="SpL">{{cite journal |last1=Neto |first1=Octávio Amorim |last2=Lobo |first2=Marina Costa |year=2010 |url=http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1644026 |title=Between Constitutional Diffusion and Local Politics: Semi-Presidentialism in Portuguese-Speaking Countries |journal= |publisher=[[Social Science Research Network]] |volume= |issue= |access-date=20 August 2016 |quote= }}</ref><ref>{{cite journal |last=Shugart |first=Matthew Søberg |author-link=Matthew Søberg Shugart |date=September 2005 |title=Semi-Presidential Systems: Dual Executive and Mixed Authority Patterns |url=http://dss.ucsd.edu/~mshugart/semi-presidentialism.pdf |dead-url= |journal=Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies |location=United States |publisher=University of California, San Diego |archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20080819200307/http://dss.ucsd.edu/~mshugart/semi-presidentialism.pdf |archive-date=19 August 2008 |access-date=20 August 2016 }}</ref><ref>{{cite journal |last=Shugart |first=Matthew Søberg |author-link=Matthew Søberg Shugart |date=December 2005 |title=Semi-Presidential Systems: Dual Executive And Mixed Authority Patterns |url=http://www.palgrave-journals.com/fp/journal/v3/n3/pdf/8200087a.pdf |archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20160304053112/http://www.palgrave-journals.com/fp/journal/v3/n3/pdf/8200087a.pdf |dead-url=yes |archive-date=2016-03-04 |journal=Palgrave Macmillan |publisher=Palgrave Macmillan Journals |volume=3 |issue=3 |pages=323–351 |doi=10.1057/palgrave.fp.8200087|quote=Of the contemporary cases, only four provide the assembly majority an unrestricted right to vote no confidence, and of these, only two allow the president unrestricted authority to appoint the prime minister. These two, Mozambique and Namibia, as well as the Weimar Republic, thus resemble most closely the structure of authority depicted in the right panel of Figure 3, whereby the dual accountability of the cabinet to both the president and the assembly is maximized. }}</ref>
|leader_title1 = [[List of Presidents of Mozambique|President]]
|leader_name1 = [[Filipe Nyusi]]
|leader_title2 = {{nowrap|[[Assembly of the Republic (Mozambique)|Assembly President]]}}
|leader_title3 = [[List of Prime Ministers of Mozambique|Prime Minister]]
|legislature = {{nowrap|[[Assembly of the Republic (Mozambique)|Assembly of the Republic]]}}
|area_km2 = 801,590
|area_rank = 35th
|area_sq_mi = 309,496 <!--Do not remove per [[WP:MOSNUM]]-->
|percent_water = 2.2
|population_estimate = 24,692,144<ref name="cia">{{cite web|url=https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2119.html|title=The World Factbook – Field Listing – Population – CIA|accessdate=7 March 2015|publisher=Central Intelligence Agency}}</ref>
|population_census = 21,397,000 (52nd)
|population_estimate_year = 2014
|population_estimate_rank = 50th
<!--Not being used:
|population_census = 23,400,000
|population_census_year = 2010
|population_census_year = 2007
|population_density_km2 = 28.7
|population_density_rank = 178th
|population_density_sq_mi = 74.3 <!--Do not remove per [[WP:MOSNUM]]-->
|GDP_PPP = $35.313 billion<ref name=imf2>{{cite web |url=http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2016/02/weodata/weorept.aspx?sy=2016&ey=2021&scsm=1&ssd=1&sort=country&ds=.&br=1&pr1.x=77&pr1.y=14&c=688&s=NGDPD%2CNGDPDPC%2CPPPGDP%2CPPPPC%2CLP&grp=0&a=|title=Mozambique |publisher=International Monetary Fund |accessdate=17 April 2013}}</ref>
|GDP_PPP_year = 2016
|GDP_PPP_rank =
|GDP_PPP_per_capita = $1,228<ref name=imf2/>
|GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank =
|GDP_nominal = $12.045 billion<ref name=imf2/>
|GDP_nominal_year = 2016
|GDP_nominal_per_capita = $419<ref name=imf2/>
|Gini = 45.7 <!--number only-->
|Gini_year = 2008
|Gini_change = <!--increase/decrease/steady-->
|Gini_ref = <ref name="wb-gini">{{cite web |url=http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SI.POV.GINI/ |title=Gini Index |publisher=World Bank |accessdate=2 March 2011}}</ref>
|Gini_rank =
|HDI = 0.416 <!--number only-->
|HDI_year = 2014<!-- Please use the year to which the data refers, not the publication year-->
|HDI_change = increase <!--increase/decrease/steady-->
|HDI_ref = <ref>{{cite web|url=http://hdr.undp.org/sites/default/files/2015_human_development_report.pdf |title= Human Development Report 2015 – "Rethinking Work for Human Development"|publisher=[[Human Development Report|HDRO (Human Development Report Office)]] [[United Nations Development Programme]]|accessdate=14 December 2015}}</ref>
|HDI_rank = 180th
|currency = [[Mozambican metical]]
|currency_code = MZN
|time_zone = [[Central Africa Time|CAT]]
|utc_offset = +2
|utc_offset_DST =
|time_zone_DST =
|drives_on = [[Right- and left-hand traffic#Left-hand traffic|left]]
|calling_code = [[+258]]
|cctld = [[.mz]]
| official_website =
|footnote_a = [[Makua people|Makhuwa]], [[Tsonga people|Tsonga]], Lomwe, [[Sena people|Sena]] and others.
|footnotes = Estimates for this country explicitly take into account the effects of excess mortality due to AIDS; this can result in lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality and death rates, lower population and growth rates, and changes in the distribution of population by age and sex than would otherwise be expected.
|area_magnitude = 1 E11
'''Mozambique Kiōng-hô-kok''' tiàm-tī lâm [[Hui-chiu]] ("lâm-hui") tang-hōaⁿ. Keh-piah ū [[Tanzania]], [[Malawi]], [[Zambia]], [[Zimbabwe]], [[Lâm-hui-kok]], [[Swazi-tē]]. [[Mozambique Hái-tō]] koh kòe sī [[Madagascar]].